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 Boots to Blades!
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What is Boots to Blades?
Boots to blades is a program designed to introduce your young child to the ice.  They will have the opportunity to be on the ice with their parent along to help.  We will start out slowly with the first few sessions in just boots and walking around the ice.  Learning how to stand on it, how it is slippery, and how it is HARD and COLD!  After Participants get used to the ice and walking on it, we can get them in skates.
This is a "first step" class! Come help teach your child how to take there first stride on ice!
In order to be registered for Boots to Blades you must Complete the following
- Completely fill out the registration form.
-Complete the waiver
-Mail completed forms and payment to
PO Box 114
New Prague, MN 56071
We will not be providing any equipment for rent other than skates.
Helmets are required.
We suggest wearing as much padding as possible. 
 Wear warm clothing such as winter clothing to help with falls. 
We suggest Gloves, elbow pads, and knee pads if you have them. 

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